Have you ever looked at the CHARTS file on Aminet ? It shows the list of most downloaded files, and the list of the best rated files. It is written there "Please rate all the files you download"... But only a few people take the time to write a mail with their votes, because this is quite a tedious task.

But if (almost) noone sends votes, then the best rated files list is (almost) meaningless.

Help other people not to download crappy files ! Make them discover this wonderful tool that you just installed, and they will do the same for you ! (it's magic)

With this script, all you have to do is either download the readme along with each file, or download each file in a directory tree similar to the Aminet one, eg DOWNLOAD:comm/misc/ etc. Both can be done easily with AmFTP.

Then, if you do in a shell "AminetRate.rexx archive.lha", a requester will pop up asking you for a vote between 0 and 10, and store it on disk. After this, a mere "AminetRate.rexx MAIL" when your Amiga is online will send all the votes stored to the aminet server.

Of course, this does not sound very practical, typing all these commands in a shell. It becomes very interesting when you make use of a tool like ToolsDaemon or ToolManager to run AminetRate.rexx ! You can even integrate it into AWeb now (and possibly other web browsers provided they are configurable enough).

Here is my ToolsDaemon config : I have one "AminetRate" menu with the command "AminetRate.rexx []", and another named "AminetRate Send" which executes "AminetRate.rexx MAIL". Now all I have to do to rate Aminet downloads is to select one or several icons (either the main file or the readme), then select "AminetRate" in the menu. I then get asked the mark I want to give to each of these files. Fast and easy. When I'm online, I just select "AminetRate Send" in the menu and the mail goes on its way ! (you could also put it in the "online" event of Miami)


News for v1.5 (12.12.2001):

News for v1.4 (04.12.2001):

Download it:

Then don't forget to read the doc which is inside, and edit the preferences in the beginning of the script ! This is very easy to do (and mandatory, otherwise AminetRate won't work correctly).