AminetExtract.rexx is a very simple tool to extract a list of files from an Aminet INDEX file, according to certain criterias (date and/or type).

I made it after I couldn't connect to the internet for more than 3 weeks.. Since only the last two weeks uploads list is kept on Aminet, I downloaded the whole INDEX file to look at the age in weeks of the files, and keep only those uploaded during this period.

I, needless to say, was not so happy about the idea of doing it by hand for the whole 64660 lines of the INDEX file. So I wrote a simple ARexx script that checked the age and kept the files that interested me.

Now I have updated it, and added the possibility to include or exclude certain directories. So you can for example ask for the list of uploads into "comm/news", "comm/mail" and "game" during the last 4 weeks...


Download it:

Then don't forget to read the doc which is included in the script, and optionally edit the default preferences.