Mroocheck/Punchinello MK2 compatibility list/survey

News :

September 2009 - Just found out this page was spammed with viagra ads and other stuff. Cleaned the database and really disabled data entry (the HTML form was hidden, but the php code was still active). Also "antispammed" contributors' email addresses.

15 july 2002 - I have removed the form to add any new info, because I don't have enough time to take care of this page (it didn't really needed that much attention, but anyway...) and because the new mroocheck.driver will probably render some of this information obsolete, and I don't want to go through the hassle of updating all this :-}. Also, I'm no longer a mroocheck user since almost one year. This page won't change anymore. Thank you for coming :-).

22 december 2000 - (this is old news but..) Apparently with my mouse and the current driver, it is just impossible to get left wheel movements correctly. I mailed Elbox a long time ago, but got no answer. They must be busy talking with the P96 guys I guess.. (ah aaaaaaahh)
Reduced the table font size, changed some colours (I know they suck anyway ;-)); added some info (signaled by [new]).

04 october 2000 - There is a new Mroocheck.driver available, with more parameters to play with.. I did not manage yet to get the left wheel movements with my mouse, but I'll try again. ;)

Some information

Brand Model Connector type Works ? # of buttons # of wheels Left handed Wire/less Approx price (EUR) Comment Contributor
A4Tech4D MousePS2 (adapter sold with this mouse)NO32NoWire30-40CGX4 + AGA 31 KHz doesn't work at all (MroocheckCal gives impossible results). CGX4 + AGA 15 KHz is disappointing : left/right is fully working, but up/down stay frozen ! I am NOT happy for the time being :-(Kaminari
A4Tech4D MousePS2 (adapter sold with this mouse)YES32UnknownWire10-20Tomcat
A4Tech4D TrackballPS2 (adapter sold with this mouse)YES32NoWire10-20Use this Params to use it under P96 at 31khz-0=41 1=58 2=75 3=150 4=34Woody
A4Tech4D TrackballPS2 (adapter sold with this mouse)YES32NoWire10-20Works great !TurboLaban
A4Tech4D WinEasyPS2 (adapter sold with this mouse)NO32NoWire10-20the wheel down movements stay on.Kuni Yoda
A4Tech4D WinEasyPS2 (adapter sold with this mouse)YES32NoWire10-20The mouse works with Mroocheck correctly, if you set FREQ=16 and PARAM2=40. This works good for my Amiga, but was not tested on other Amigas. It seems that the wheel down movements will no more stay on!?smily B;-)
A4Tech4DPS2 (adapter sold with this mouse)YES32NoWire10-20It works fine and it's damn fast too!!!!Stryker
A4Tech4D+ MousePS2 (adapter sold with this mouse)NO42UnknownWire10-20Anonymous
A4Tech4D+ MousePS2 (adapter sold with this mouse)NO42UnknownWire10-20Robek
A4Tech4D+ MousePS2 (adapter sold with this mouse)YES42NoWire10-20I does indeed work, and is a darn good mouse at that!Dave
A4Tech4D+PS2 (adapter sold with this mouse)YES42BothWire20-30The only difference with the 4D I found using it is apparently the 4rth button.Stryker
alkairmousePS2 (adapter sold with this mouse)NO5UnknownUnknownUnknownUnknownAnonymous
AresAirmousePS2 (adapter sold with this mouse)YES42BothWire10-20'Wheels' are actually a joystick-type-thingA.M. Robinson
BOEDERSm@rtmouse Original - Reorder No. 65 301PS2 (adapter sold with this mouse)YES32UnknownWire20-30The MROOCHECK+mouse package don't work very well if I use my "auto mouse-joystick switch for Amiga-Atari". 520 dpi.D. Domínguez
CompaqStandardSerialNO2UnknownBothWire10-20Didn't work with punchinello at allMashMan
GeniusNetScroll+SerialYES31BothWire10-20Work OK WITHOUT loading of driver (but no wheel movements). Driver make crazy mNazir
INTouchMUS6SSerialNO2UnknownUnknownUnknown0-10Only moves Left and Right and not up and DownLee Cook
Kensington19420PS2 (adapter sold with this mouse)YES31BothWire0-10Works fine!
Kensington6421PS2 (adapter sold with this mouse)NO20BothWire10-20Brad
LogitechCordless MouseMan WheelPS2 (adapter sold with this mouse)YES31NoRadio50-75up/down sometimes triggers left/right (fixable via the driver, I would think)Oliver Roberts
LogitechCordless MouseMan WheelPS2 (adapter sold with this mouse)YES31NoRadioUnknownWheel button quiet sensitive - up/down sometimes trickers left/rightMick
LogitechCordless MouseMan WheelPS2 (Logitech adapter)NO21BothRadio50-75USB/PS2 Works Perfect under WIN 2K$P()()K!3
LogitechCordless Mouseman WheelPS2 (Logitech adapter)YES31YesRadio50-75Work very good Francfort Nicolas
LogitechCordless Mouseman WheelUSB/PS2NO31YesRadio50-75NOTE: the USB/PS2 version of this mouse DOES NOT WORK. Get a PS2/Serial one instead.Daniel Eriksson
LogitechCordless Wheel MousePS2 (other adapter)NO31BothRadio30-40Work with reciever from Logitec Cordles MouseMan WheelEddie Keller
LogitechCordless Wheel MousePS2 (adapter sold with this mouse)YES31BothRadio30-40Calibration must be done with MroocheckCal; wheel down sometimes triggers wheel left.Daniel Eriksson
LogitechFirst Mouse +PS2 (adapter sold with this mouse)YES21UnknownWire30-40All buttons and wheel work fine.Aes
LogitechMarble FXPS2 (adapter sold with this mouse)YES40NoWire40-50Everything works with punchinello, 4th button acts the same as thirdMashMan
LogitechMarble MousePS2 (adapter sold with this mouse)YES20BothWire30-40Works fine.Opi Poi
LogitechPilot Wheel MousePS2 (adapter sold with this mouse)YES31BothUnknown20-30up/down trickers left/rightEddie Keller
LogitechPilotPS2 (adapter sold with this mouse)YES30BothWire20-30Everything works with the punchinelloMashMan
LogitechPilot+PS2 (adapter sold with this mouse)YES31BothWire20-30Everything works with punchinelloMashMan
LogitechTrackMan Marble PlusPS2 (Trust adapter)YES31NoWire75-100Very smooth ball & wheel and reliable operation with Amiga OS3.9 !Sorel Goldenberg
MicrosoftIntellieyePS2 (adapter sold with this mouse)NO51NoWire40-50Did not work at all, no power supplied for sensorsMashMan
microsoftintellimouse trackballPS2 (adapter sold with this mouse)YES21NoWireUnknownvery nice works perfectly trackball, mouse buttons and wheelMr D.Payne
microsoftintellimouse trackballPS2 (adapter sold with this mouse)YES31NoWire20-30one of the only trackballs with wheel, big ballchristian
MicrosoftMouse Port Compatible Mouse 2.1ASerialNO20NoWire0-10It dose work in the Early Startup Sequence, but in the system it wont work at all?DrSound
MicrosoftSRM-7362PS2 (adapter sold with this mouse)YES50YesWire30-40A High quality mouse built by usHuCon
MitsumiECM-S3101SerialYES20UnknownWire0-10gRubBy bAby
mitsumiew4ecm-s3101SerialNOUnknownUnknownUnknownUnknownUnknowni want that mouse drivernay
Qtronixlynx 30SerialNOUnknownUnknownUnknownUnknownUnknownAnonymous
QTronixLynx 3D NetSerialNO31BothWire20-30The Amiga boots in the bootmenu even with no mouse press. Doesn't work at allYure
Qware (a4tech)SimpleMouse4DPS2 (adapter sold with this mouse)YES32BothWire10-20Very nice mouse, though my Amiga's mouse connector seems to be bad :^(Milan
VivancoMSR 60PS2 (adapter sold with this mouse)
VivancoWheel MousePS2 (adapter sold with this mouse)

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