workbench grabs
Another 1024x768x16 grab (26.10.2000)...
A "live" 1024x768x16 screenshot (13.05.2000).

It shows what I've been working on this weekend : a better version of the IconSorter.rexx script for OS 3.5 by Nils Görs. It now positions the icons perfectly (well...) and doesn't open annoying reqtools requesters ;-) (it wasn't practical, and I hate reqtools anyway)
Unfortunately the original script by Nils is copyrighted so I won't release mine unless Nils agrees or I rewrite all his code that is left in my script.

Click on the left of the thumbnail for a low quality 50% jpeg (118kB) or on the right for the PiNG version (290kB)

low quality high quality
A 1024x768 grab (04.08.1999). You can see:
  • AmiMUD 3.1
  • IBrowse 1.2
  • M2I (the icon bar)
  • More GlowIcons than previously :^)
  • VisualPrefs in action (yes, you can see it)
  • AmIRC 3.0
  • The Myzar GUI running the rc5des client
  • A background picture by JCS showing two beautiful almost naked girls !-p
My last 800x600 grab dated 19.07.1999.
  • Background by Louie from the Amiga demo Goa by The Black Lotus
  • Showing a guigfx.library example, EaglePlayer and my minesweeper Boum
  • PowerWindows iconified CygnusED
Here is a 800x600x16 grab dated 11.07.1999. It features:
  • IBrowse 1.2 (Aminet CD version)
  • AMPlifier 1.54
  • GlowIcons
  • A KingCON: window with badly drawn gadgets
  • Birdie
  • A background picture by Moxica (french graphician)
  • BlueEyes
Here is a 800x600x16 grab dated 11.07.1999, starring:
  • EaglePlayer 2.02 as the EmpyGui24 HiFi system
  • MCP as the screen bar clock and the drawer gauge
  • MysticView 1.0 as the matrix
  • PowerWB as the extra WB windows gadgets
  • PowerWindows as the windows slicer
  • CygnusED Pro 4.15 as the victim
An older 676x546x6 (64 colours) grab, when I had a Blizzard 1230 IV and no graphic board, showing Dashboard (the calendar) and Delitracker playing mp3.