software config

My Amiga is installed with AmigaOS 3.5 (and the BoingBag¹ :-))

Here are the patches run in my startup-sequence:

I recently removed VisualPrefs because I discovered that it was creating graphic deadlocks when redrawing windows sometimes (usually when the system was heavily loaded, during internet sessions..).
I'd like to check if it works better with a patch such as SafeGIRPort (if it has any relation with the problem..?), but for now I simply removed it.

I have also installed Enforcer and PatchWork permanently in my startup-sequence. This is usefull to detect non system-friendly software..

Stuff run from WBStartup:

I don't use Delifix anymore because it appears not to be very system friendly (a stack problem I think, I don't remember well).
I also removed AHelp because current version 1.5 makes enforcer hits at boot time.

2000.10.04 : I removed bitime (displays "swatch internet time" and sets summer/winter time) too because it crashes (enforcer hit) and screws the time up when it changes from summer to winter time (which it apparently does one month too early).

Other patches/enhancements:

Software used for this site: